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Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations. Angular is a complete rewrite from the same team that built AngularJS


Angular NgModules differ from and complement JavaScript (ES2015) modules. An NgModule declares a compilation context for a set of components that is dedicated to an application domain, a workflow, or a closely related set of capabilities. An NgModule can associate its components with related code, such as services, to form functional units.


Every Angular application has at least one component, the root component that connects a component hierarchy with the page document object model (DOM). Each component defines a class that contains application data and logic, and is associated with an HTML template that defines a view to be displayed in a target environment.

Templates, directives, and data binding

A template combines HTML with Angular markup that can modify HTML elements before they are displayed. Template directives provide program logic, and binding markup connects your application data and the DOM. There are two types of data binding:

Services and dependency injection

For data or logic that isn't associated with a specific view, and that you want to share across components, you create a service class. A service class definition is immediately preceded by the @Injectable() decorator. The decorator provides the metadata that allows other providers to be injected as dependencies into your class.


The Angular Router NgModule provides a service that lets you define a navigation path among the different application states and view hierarchies in your app. It is modeled on the familiar browser navigation conventions:

Angular Development Tools

1) Karma-Karma is a tool for testing an AngularJS application. This tool makes the testing process easier for AngularJS developers. Karma's features are beneficial for the long-run development processes. It helps to test your website on different devices.

2) Webstorm-Webstorm is a smart and advanced code text editor tool. It supports different programming languages, including Node.JS, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Webstorm is blended with rich modern features, as it helps to count out the errors at a time when developers use to do coding and debugging process.

3) Protractor-Protector is known as the automation testing tool for Angular applications. It is developed with powerful tools and technologies like Selenium Webdriver, Node.js, and Jasmine.

4) AngularFire-AngularFire helps to create the backend of AngularJS apps. It makes developing backends easier for developers. AngularFire is the official library that helps to connect to Firebase.

5) Mocha-Mocha is another great JavaScript testing framework that is popular for its precise reporting and flexibility. With numerous inbuilt features incorporated in this tool, it is a fun testing service for its AngularJS developers

6) Djangular-While developing content, such AngularJS development tools can save much of your time and effort. Djangular exercises Angular and Django, and content creation for your scheme can be done easily as per your specifications.

Benefits of Angular

1. Functionality out of the boxThe default setup of Angular gives you everything you need, right out of the box. This includes tools to take care of routing, so you can easily fetch the data you want to present in your application. Angular’s preconfigured environment not only helps with development, but also facilitates testing.

2. TypeScriptAngular is built with TypeScript. The main advantage of this strongly typed language is that it helps developers to keep their code clean and understandable. Bugs are easier to spot and eliminate with the ability to see common errors as you type.

3. ConsistencyIn contrast to React, Angular is a fully-fledged responsive web design framework. A key feature is that there is one suggested way to create a component, service, or module.

4. ProductivityA welcome side effect of greater consistency is an improvement in productivity. Developers don’t need to spend valuable time trying to figure out what a function, utility, or component does, and once you have mastered how to write a component, writing another one is easy by following the same general guidelines and code structure.

5. MaintainabilityAngular supports superb code maintainability of code in several ways. Firstly, when moving up from one major version to another, all Angular-related packages are updated at the same time – this means that HTTP, Routing, and Angular Material are also included.

6. Modular development structureThe modular nature of Angular means that developers can effectively divide code into modules. This allows for easy organization of app functionality and the creation of reusable chunks of code which can vastly reduce development time and cost. The Angular community further supports this with a variety of ready-made components

7. Angular MaterialAngular Material is a collection of ready-to-use, well-tested UI components and modules that follow Google’s Material Design principles. It contains a range of UI components, such as navigation patterns, form controls, buttons, and indicators. Components are adapted to suit various browsers, well-documented, and written based on the latest guidelines.

Should I learn angular or react first?

Every framework or library has some pros and cons, same with React and Angular. From the above all factors if you are a beginner or have less coding practice also if you want stability for your project you can go with React because its learning curve is fast and easier also job in the market is higher than Angular.


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